If doctors and specialists are unable to find a clear cause for your symptoms, these may be due to a disturbance in your energy flow. Through energy, I can easily locate the source of physical symptoms.

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Have you repeatedly consulted your GP because of ‘vague symptoms’? These could be anything from serious fatigue, concentration or memory problems, stomach or bowel complaints, (lower or general) back pain and other types of muscle and/or joint pain, head or neck pain, dizziness or balance problems, palpitations of the heart, tightness of the chest or chest pains, sleeplessness or inner restlessness.

These are the so-called ‘functional somatic symptoms’ or MUPS: Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms. Doctors and specialists are unable to identify a clear cause for your symptoms. In that case, they may well be due to a disturbance in your energy flow. Every physical complaint comes with underlying emotions. If we can identify and deal with the underlying emotions, the symptoms will decrease or even disappear.

In order to locate the energy blockages in your body, I will measure your Meridian and Chakra systems. During a Regression session or Ankh treatment, the underlying emotions are resolved. I also use support remedies such as E.E.N.® Energetics and Bach flower remedies. For more information about these types of treatment, please see Therapies.

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