I use various treatment methods during my consultations. The aim is to gain insight into the underlying cause of your symptoms and activate your self-healing powers.

The Chakra System
The Chakra system comes from the Indian Ayurveda and Asian medicine, and focuses on the level of consciousness. A Chakra is a ‘power station’ that takes energy from the surrounding force field. Any disruptions in the body are reflected at Chakra level.

Chakras can be disrupted by events and experiences in our lives that have not been processed properly. If the experience is very emotional, those emotions are stored in our organs. This causes blockages, which stop the body from performing its functions effectively. This may result in illness. Each chakra is linked to specific life themes. This means that, by measuring the chakra system, I can identify the underlying cause of a physical and emotional disruption.

The Meridian System
Traditional Chinese medicine centres around the Meridian system. During a consultation, I can measure this meridian system. Each meridian consists of a number of energy points (acupuncture points), and each acupuncture point is connected to a specific emotion. This allows me to determine which emotions in your body are stuck, and where.

Regression Therapy
During a regression, you will be guided into a deep meditation and connect with your subconscious. You return to the moment in the development of your emotional life when an energy blockage arose. Often, this is in childhood. In some situations, you may go back into the past even further: to pre-conception or even past lives.

Connecting with your subconscious offers you insight. Insight into the development of behaviour or thought patterns in your life so far, and into the circumstances and events that have led to physical symptoms, for example, or traumatic experiences. These insights, combined with the power of forgiveness (see below), can help you to process the past. This will open up ‘space’ in your body and your emotional life, which will change your outlook on situations as well as your actions.

The Power of Forgiveness
In essence, forgiveness is letting go of your own disappointed expectations of someone in the past. It means letting go of your hopes for a ‘better past’. Forgiving is distinct from approving or condemning behaviour. Forgiving means releasing the other person from the obligation to meet your expectations of the past. Forgiveness allows your Heart to become lighter and move on, so it is no longer a burden to you in the present.

Ankh therapy
The Ankh, also called The Key of Life, was used by pharaohs and high priests in ancient Egypt. It is a powerful energy conductor, which is used to draw ‘negative energies’ away from the body and radiate ‘positive energies’ into the body. During Ankh therapy, I attune my thoughts or intentions to the Cosmic energy and, together with the Ankh, form a ‘transformer’ for this invisible cosmic energy, which I can then radiate towards you. Ank therapy makes the energy flow through your body again, thus reducing or resolving symptoms.

More supporting remedies
I use E.E.N.® energetics or Bach flower remedies to support you in dealing with your emotions after treatment. E.E.N.® Energetics are energy tools which have a transformational and healing effect at a chakra, energy and physical level. Bach flower remedies are flower extracts which, through their own harmonic vibrational frequencies, restore harmony to the disturbed emotions. I may also use homeopathic remedies to support the treatment (e.g. SanoConcept*).

If you wish, I can also advise you on your diet, the use of healing herbs, and taking supplements such as vitamins, minerals and Schüssler cell salts.

The SanoConcept was developed by Dutch physician and acupuncturist Ton van Gelder (1943-2005), and combines Western and Eastern (Chinese and Indian) medicine. It takes a holistic approach to human well-being.