This page contains references from clients who have had one or more consultations at De Rijzende Feniks. If you would like to write your own reference, you are more than welcome to do so! In that case, please contact me.


“My experience of Serna’s treatments was that a great deal of trust was built up, which allowed us to work together in a pleasant way. Serna is very conscientious. That’s wonderful. We achieved great results in a short space of time! Thank you, Serna, for being there for others. I would recommend it to anyone.”


“With Serna, I feel that I’ve come to the right place. She offers me a safe space in which to face my deeper sides. With her gentle and patient attitude, she gives me the time and space to process any feelings that come up in the moment. Her intuition allows her to identify exactly what’s needed during the treatment to go deeper into the process, to offer support with strong emotions or to break barriers. Her pure and serene energy are very inspiring. After each treatment, I leave with new pieces of wisdom about myself, and I feel ‘energised’ by the intense moments and the deep, pleasant conversations with Serna.”


“I immediately felt at ease with Serna. That’s why I had every confidence in the treatments. With her treatment and guidance, she got to the heart of the theme I had come in for; not being seen or not showing myself. I knew what was going on, but was unable to make the change myself. This meant that the patterns kept repeating themselves. In three sessions she managed to turn a switch, for the better. She guides you through the process of feeling and wanting. Quite soon after, you can feel something changing within yourself.”


“The series of sessions I had with Serna freed me from old blockages. She has a very special way of doing this. The combination of techniques and her steadfast approach made me feel safe and enabled me to let it happen. I am very grateful for the growth I have experienced, thanks to her.”


“After over a year of IVF treatments, I found Serna. During treatment, I discovered an unresolved energy blockage on my womb. I became aware of this and was able to process it. Contact with the little soul gave me the confidence that it would be alright. I felt a lot calmer after the treatment. I also learnt relaxation techniques. The next IVF treatment turned out to be successful. I have since given birth to my son Thomas.”


“I had been suffering from vague symptoms for years, such as tiredness, low energy, melancholy moods and constant fluctuations in weight. Because of my age, the menopause was assumed to be a likely cause. But at some point, I felt that this seemed too easy a conclusion. Serna took extensive energy measurements which enabled us to identify the cause (medication use). After discussing it with my specialist, I reduced my medication and now I feel much better. I have more energy, feel able to handle things and, an added bonus: my weight has stabilised.”


“Our 4-year-old daughter had not slept though the night for six months. She would be inconsolable and often seemed uncomfortable. Serna managed to remove the blockages in her, and after about three days, she slept through the night.” Elle “During treatment I learnt to set boundaries in a loving way. This created a balance between taking and giving in my relationship.”


“During the therapy, I have learned to guard my personal boundaries, but in a gentle, loving manner. This has really improved the balance between ‘give and take’ in my relationship.”