Do you keep getting stuck in your work or relationship? Most patterns develop in our childhood. Through regression therapy, you can identify the causes of these patterns, and learn to break them.

Whatever company you work for, conflicts with your superiors develop every time. Time and time again, it proves impossible to find a good relationship with a genuinely nice partner (or: similar problems develop in every relationship). Friendships are broken off for no apparent reason. Do you recognise these examples? It means that, without realising it, you follow the same patterns every time – patterns in your thoughts and actions, and in your way of dealing with conflicts and personal emotions. These patterns usually develop in childhood.

Old habits
Perhaps one of your parents was always very critical, and you were constantly being admonished as a child. This may have adverse effects on the way you interact with your superior. Another example: your parents were very private about their relationship, and you never learnt how to express affection or appreciation towards a partner. Thousands of childhood experiences like this may affect your behaviour and emotions.

The Inner Child
How can you start to change and break these patterns? Obviously, awareness is the first step. During regression therapy, we will go back to your childhood to identify the experiences which are at the root of the pattern. We will enter into a (mental and emotional) dialogue with your inner child and any other people involved, such as your parents. Then we will find out what your inner child needs in order to let go of the pattern.

By going through this process, you will heal your inner child. It will not get hurt so easily any more. You will also learn to recognise the moments when these childhood habits affect your present life. You learn to break this mechanism and respond differently to situations, which will cause others to respond to you differently than before. By letting go of old patterns, you create space for new development.

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October 23, 2020
The Power of Forgiveness
When our heart is hurt, we protect it from whoever we think has done us wrong. We create a barricade. So that we do not run the risk of being hurt again. 
by Serna Widdershoven

“I immediately felt at ease with Serna. That's why I had every confidence in the treatments. With her treatment and guidance, she got to the heart of the theme I had come in for; not being seen or not showing myself. I knew what was going on, but was unable to make the change myself. This meant that the patterns kept repeating themselves. In three sessions she managed to turn a switch, for the better. She guides you through the process of feeling and wanting. Quite soon after, you can feel something changing within yourself.”

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