Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience. However, getting pregnant, a good birth and untroubled motherhood are not guaranteed. Support from De Rijzende Feniks can help you with this.

Becoming a Mother
Do you yearn for motherhood? Have you been unable to conceive despite receiving medical treatment? 15% of couples are unable to conceive within a year. This may be due to a disturbance in your energy flow.

During a so-called Regression*, we will connect with your future child, to find out what it needs before it can ‘descend’ into your body. We will also explore your energy to identify any unprocessed emotions in your body that may prevent a pregnancy. Energy blockages in the future daddy can also obstruct the pregnancy.

During treatment, we examine the emotions that may form a blockage, and look into their underlying cause. Forgiveness and Ankh therapy* allow us to release and process these blocked emotions, enabling the energy to flow freely once again.

“After over a year of IVF treatments, I found Serna. During treatment, I discovered an unresolved energy blockage on my womb. I became aware of this and was able to process it. Contact with the little soul gave me the confidence that it would be alright. I felt a lot calmer after the treatment. I also learnt relaxation techniques. The next IVF treatment turned out to be successful. I have since given birth to my son Thomas.”

Spiritual Pregnancy Guidance
During pregnancy, your body is full of hormones. You may feel all kinds of emotions running through your body; a sense of bliss, but also feelings of fear or guilt. Do I really want this baby? Am I ready? Will I be able to handle motherhood?

Your baby in the womb is a conscious baby. Every emotion you experience, is stored the baby’s cellular memory. Your pregnancy may activate your own birth trauma. During regression treatment, we will look into the source of your emotions and how you can let go of them. We can also connect with your baby and discover what your baby needs in order to enter this world in a good way.

It is important to explain to your child why you are making certain decisions or undergoing certain treatments. This will minimise your child’s birth trauma. You can also choose to go through this process together with your partner. During a ‘couple’s pregnancy consultation’, you will go into a regression to connect with your child. We will also explore any birth traumas you may have, and work on letting go of the related emotions, such as fear, anger or loneliness.

A miscarriage
You are pregnant, and having a baby is becoming an increasingly big part of your life. Then the unthinkable happens: a miscarriage. A miscarriage has a huge emotional impact, so it is important to process it well. Recognising and ‘accepting’ the ‘lost’ child, and giving it a name, can help you to do this.

During regression treatment, you will connect with your child. This is a special moment that can offer you both insight and comfort. The child came to you for a reason; often, the pregnancy was the last step a soul needed before it could move on. We also work on forgiving yourself and your body. This is an important step towards being open to a new pregnancy.

Postnatal depression
For nine months, your life has been all about your baby. Now, the child has been born – but you are not in the state of bliss you had expected. Does that make you a bad mother? Of course not! A postnatal depression can have multiple causes, including simply being exhausted: both physically and mentally. Your baby spent nine months inside your body, eating your food. This can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And perhaps you are setting the bar too high, for yourself and your motherhood.

Treating a postnatal depression involves addressing all of these different aspects. We will check your vitamin, mineral and cell salt levels for any deficiencies. I will locate any remaining energy blockages in your body. Using Ankh therapy, Regression therapy and the power of forgiveness, we will remove these blockages. Finally (through Regression therapy), we will look into the bond you have formed with your baby. By creating a strong emotional bond, you will offer your child the chance to feel safe and secure again with you as a mother.

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October 25, 2020
Pregnancy, Birth and Birth Trauma
Being in the womb and the birth itself both leave a big impression on a baby. An expectant mother can help her child to experience these events safely and without unnecessary fear.
by Serna Widdershoven

A whiny baby, or a child with sleeping problems?
The birth can be an incredibly profound and terrifying experience for a baby. As this new life, you have spent nine months tucked up safely in the womb. Suddenly you are faced with the outside world. The water around you has gone. Using a lot of strength and against great counter-pressure, you have managed to find your way out. You find yourself in a brightly-lit environment with all kinds of loud sounds around you. This is a huge shock for a baby.

Many ‘whiny babies’ (or young children) do not want to be on Earth and long to return to their Cosmic existence. That is why, during treatment, your baby (or child) will first be energetically grounded properly. This allows it to reconnect with the Earth and feel at home here. As the next step, I will encourage the baby or child to let go of the negative emotions connected with the birth. I use Ankh therapy and support remedies such as Bach flower remedies. Two treatments are usually enough to fully reconnect a baby or child with itself and its mother. The treatment is not at all stressful for your child.

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